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I grew up in the Sixties in a small Southwest Georgia farming town, but the world that my big sister, big brothers and the media brought to our living room — MAD magazine and Rocky & Bullwinkle, Vietnam and Birmingham, Dallas and Memphis, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, the Chad Mitchell Trio and The Beatles, The Four Tops and Miss Ross — formed the IntownWriter (for better or worse).

I spent 30+ years working in the Atlanta media community, including 25 years in the local PBS and NPR world as a media and community relations rep. I went on to work as a freelance as a writer, editor and project manager. I once wrote this blog frequently, and was involved in a variety of neighborhood, political and community activities. Now I live in rural southwest Georgia and keep myself to myself, but I still have my eye on Atlanta and my attention on the issues that are meaningful to me.

I don’t take myself seriously, but there are institutions and ideals that I take very seriously: public radio and television, the survival of real local journalism, our criminal “justice” system, children’s rights and the future of Atlanta – and our state – are just a few. I’m fed up with seeing important Atlanta institutions being dismantled or ruined by ignorance, hubris, narrow-mindedness and/or greed.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Andrei Codrescu: “He who speaks the truth must keep his horse saddled.” I’ve had a few gallops in my time, and I look forward to many more.


  1. Marcia,

    You haven’t written anything since April? What’s up with that.


    • Check out the blog, John. I’ve got something new just for you guys.

      • “You guys”!?!
        Really, IntownW. ;)

        Miss you. Will catch up soon!

  2. hi marcia,
    i’d like to sign up to receive your blog but i don’t see a place to do that.

    • Thanks, Susan! If you go to the front page and look over on the top right corner, you’ll see “Blog Info.” Click on that and it gives you the choice of subscribing. I appreciate your interest!

  3. Not long after the opening of GPB’s new facility, that I call Burbank East for its size and gadget overkill, I took a tour. Not as a taxpayer, but as an ad agency creative guy. GPB was pitching the facility as a production center for COMMERCIAL video and audio production.

    The takeaway for me was: Geez, who had compromising pictures of the Gov and key legislators to be able to get the bucks to build this Shangra-La? They had obviously overbuilt and were reaching for new revenue streams, including trying to market themselves as a commercial production center. Yes, EVEN THEN they knew they’d built an unsustainable operation.

    Second impression: As somebody who’d toiled in the vastly underfunded world of public broadcasting, and as a taxpayer, I saw things like the exec. offices with shower and floors of some rare rain forest timber, and was steamed by it all.

    Epilogue: Later, I heard from the manager of one of the GPB outlets in S. Georgia that when they built the new facility, they bought all NEW broadcast equipment and gave away, or threw away, untold thousands of dollars of perfectly good gear.

    • Rich, look for that business model again… the commercial production center. How can a state agency compete with the likes of Crawford? And is it fair that they try with taxpayer dollars? Stay tuned and see what develops.

  4. Marcia,
    Great info and I like your honest words. I am related to one of those that likely got the “dont let the door hit you” treatment at GPB, so it hits home. Poor GPB is right. They cant seem to find center.
    I also live in your area and enjoy all the local news. thanks for providing this.

  5. More power 2 you,Marcia.

    Yes, you and I were co-workers for years,going back to Stewart Av.Like you,I’m a GA native that left for greener pastures. I applaud you for your truthful words and insightful remarks!!!

    I feel sorry for those fine co-workers needlessly let go over the years.Not to mention lack of promotions from within.I’ve never worked at a place where loyalty continues to be rewarded in such an undignified and tacky manner.

  6. Marcia,

    I’ve caught word of your fine blog through the public broadcasting grapevine.

    I am very sorry for the troubles that have befallen you and every other person who has had the misfortune of being at -this- place at -this- time.

    The honest and gutsy approach to examining what was once a robust and innovative broadcasting facility is greatly appreciated.

  7. Hi, Marcia–love your blog. Keep it up! I belong to a web group of about 1000 Va-Hi/Morningside families; it’s turning into quite a formidable group. I linked to you today in a very long post about the police furloughs (we’re having a sort of online debate about taxes/crime/furloughs). I think you should join our group; I know there’s a policy about residency, etc., but I’m sure they’d let you join. Anyway, here’s the post. And once again, my compliments on a great blog.


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  9. I’m so glad I found this place. Ignore the frivolous id I’m commenting under, I’m grown up enough to appreciate what you’re saying here.

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